Marking and micro-cutting laser

Taumark S / S+

The TAUMARK S and S+ series laser markers differ because the S+ series can support automatic plate cutting. They have been developed for precise markings on any type of small objects to have clear and defined details even on geometrically complex pieces.

Speed of execution, ease of use and the wide range of accessories are some peculiarities appreciated by the operators. The wide range of sources proposed for every customer need makes these products truly complete.

TAUMAC in designing this new marking station was very attentive to the needs of the operator.



  • wide opening door (370mm)
  • inclined opening door for a better view of the working point
  • large working area 450x285mm also useful for future additions
  • care in the interior spaces for a better recovery of the metal
  • multilingual professional software that can be parameterized by the operator and company
  • import of the most popular file formats from technical software
  • large window for internal vision
  • large Z-axis travel (185mm) for future automation integrations

Technical features

POWER20W 30W 50W
FREQUENCYfrom 1 to 2000 KHz
WAVE LENGHT1064+/- 4nm (other sources CO2, Green e UV available)
FOCUSING LENSES F100(60×60) F160(100×100) F210(140×140)
COOLING SYSTEMforced – air cooling
WORKING CHAMBER450×285 mm door opening size 370mm
WEIGHT AND DIMENSIONS10-35C° / 30-85% humidity
WEIGHT AND DIMENSIONSDesktop 480x780x710mm 87Kg
POWER SUPPLY230V +/- 10% 50/60 Hz  400 – 800 W


081020181219 3 TBHweb


Equipped with pre-filter and HEPA H13 filter and 5Kg active carbon. It can be combined with a cyclone for dust recovery. It's interfaced with the laser marking, it switches on and off automatically.

Aspirator for medium workings

Equipped with internal cyclone and HEPA filter.
Interfaced with the marking laser, it turns on and off automatically.

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Ball marking equipment

MANUAL : the operator positions the ball between the 2 tailstocks.
AUTOMATIC : a vibrating system selects the ball and an automatism positions it between the 2 tailstocks.
Both systems work for positioning angle R and B.

091020180256 Focaliocchiali

Focal lenses and glasses

They can be applied to markers, with both large and smaller focal lengths to better optimize the processing cycle and the marking area.
Glasses are mandatory for any class IV laser processing (open laser)

061220191138 IMG 3727

3-jaw chuck

The mandrels are used to take round pieces like posts. The 50 diameter is always provided with magnetic socket, vice versa the 80 diameter is locked with screws due to its ability to grip the piece.

Chuck for rings

A single gripper to take rings or tubular elements both internally and externally. Removable pliers for easy processing checks. Zero sensor for correct cycle repetition. Two systems of free inclination or fixed stop.

081020181208 Con freccia e centro

Automatic chuck for rings

Same features as the manual version, but with automatic tilt. This allows external/internal marking without the aid of the operator. The dedicated software positions the laser focus automatically when changing the diameters of the rings. (on S series, only for S + model)

091020180252 Italia Turritaweb

Italia Turrita Mark

This allows the application of the national brand "Italia Turrita" with laser technology, by the ISO / IEC 17025 accredited bodies, ensuring the compliance of jewellry products in markets belonging to the European Union. This legislative change will allow companies to guarantee to its European customers the compliance of their products with the legal requirements avoiding further controls by the Control Bodies of the destination countries. (on S series, only for S + model)

091020180250 1web

Marchio Orafo

Following the Italian legislation this software allows to affix the trademark after having made a request to the competent Chamber of Commerce. (on S series, only for S + model)

Static plier

Accessory to block plates or round pieces for small productions. It is self-centering with maximum 100mm opening. Two versions of 100 or 200mm are available

081020181206 1 Mandrino

Clamps for bracelets

Easily interchangeable with the ring pliers thanks to the magnet socket. It has a precision reference to allow repositioning. Socket bracelet both inside and outside.

021020180540 1

Red triangulation pointers

Economic alternative to the probe.
It leads to a tolerance of +/- 0.2mm.
Fits well when the pieces are not mirrored.

091020180258 Merged

Manual or Automatic vision system

Ideal accessory for centering the marking on the pieces.
Much more defined than the classic red rectangle. In the MANUAL version it is always the operator to place the file on top of the piece.
In the AUTOMATIC version the camera takes care of positioning the file to mark on the pieces.
The vision is always live.
(in the S series, only for S + model)

Sheet pulling

Accessory for large productions of marked and cut objects. It has a particular suction that keeps the work area clean. Compared to other accessories, the cutted pieces do not position themselves between the clamping clamps. Dedicated software for programmable and very flexible cuts management.
(in the S series, only for S + model)

091020180259 Supporto anelliweb

Tiltable ring support

This accessory solves all the problems encountered when it is necessary to mark inside a ring with stones that does not need any automatic rotation.
It brilliantly replaces the plasticine.


Indispensable for the piece height measurement. Reading value from 40 to 140mm. Automatically launches the «Z» axis to the value detected for the S+, M, and Top versions. On S version only detects the quota.

021020180525 1

Internal vision camera

Work area visualization camera.

Used to control the processing cycle.


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