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Tailor-Made Solutions

Laser marking and engraving

Vision Systems

A wide range of laser marking and micro-cutting systems designed for every need in the goldsmithing and industry sector.

compact and reliable laser welding machines, with high performance, with powers ranging from 100 to 200 Joule for any type of activity and processing.

Laser cutting systems flexible and versatile, easy to use and able to produce prototypes, small or large series, with high execution speed and low costs production.

Why choose Taumac?

The right solution for any need in your work

Smart vision systems

Such as the automatic centering of the piece

Laser engraving and fiber marking technology

Generally on metals, but also Green, UV and Picosecond

Laser marking technology with CO2 laser

Generally on organic material

Laser cutting and micro-cutting technology

For thicknesses from 0.1mm to 3mm

Fiber welding laser technology

Current technology for thicknesses up to 1.5-2mm

Lamp welding laser technology

Consolidated technology for micro-weldings with excellent price-performance ratio (with maximum thickness of 1 mm)

Handling of parts with the aid of robots

Such as with automatic centering of the piece

Developing of custom software according to customer specifications

Certification for industry 4.0

Our strengths

Icona macchine automatiche

Automatic machines

Icona facilità di integrazione

Ease of Integration

Icona marcatura e incisione laser

Laser Marking and
Engraving Systems

Sistemi di visione

Vision Systems

Do you need a personalized solution?

We can help you solve your problem

1. We define the problem together with you

Looking for a solution to your problem or need on:

  1. Laser marking
  2. Laser welding
  3. Laser cut
  4. Vision and quality control
  5. Generic automation with Pick&Place or robotics

Contact us by sending us an email with a brief description of your problem

2. We analyze it

We will contact you and together with your technicians:

  • We’ll analyze the problem
  • We’ll identify as many solutions as possible
  • We0ll make a decision together

3. We provide you with the solution

Together we’ll define an action plan

We’ll formulate the most suitable solution for your company





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