Special Laser Machines

Special laser machines for marking and engraving any type of material Made in Italy. 

Taumac is committed to providing high-performance machinery for every need. For this reason we provide all our knowledge for the realization of:

  • high-end machines,
  • customizable
  • suitable for every sector.

Our TAILOREDservice guarantees the creation of high performance and precision machines.

Our technicians, thanks to their know-how and strong experience in the field of laser automation, will be able to meet any need and ensure technical assistancepre and post sale.

Read our Case Histories to see some of our achievements and the attention to detail that we give to each machine.


Taurot: rotary table with 2 stations

Taurot: marking laser with rotary table 700mm diameter with two stations.

TauMark S-Series Laser Labeller: the compact and versatile solution

Taumark presents the compact label marking solution: Taumark S Tag. A machine designed to mark a few batches with ease and simplicity.

TauMark TauTag: LASER MARKING SYSTEM for metal tags

The laser marking machine for metal tags, TauTag: up to 4000 labels in a single working cycle.

TauMark ML XYZ: 1 tilting head for marking on inclined surfaces

Discover our special machinery TauMark ML XYZ: 1 tilting head for marking on different inclined planes.

Laser marking station with 6-axis robot for buttons

Discover our special machine custom developed by Taumac: the button marking station.

TauMark DUAL: 2 laser sources in one machine

Taumark DUAL: 2 laser sources on one machine. Freedom, speed and flexibility for high-quality laser marking.

Are you a company and do you need a customized machine to improve your product and/or service?

Contact us for more information or for an immediate quote. We are always ready to analyze your business problems, to find the right solution for your every need.

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