1650 X 1020 X 1650 mm



TauWeld TWA30

Laser welding is today an indispensable tool in production processes, especially in the fields of design, construction and repair of molds and molding.

Minimally invasive repairs and modifications, in limited times and on well-defined parts are discriminating factors that play in favor of this technology.

When these processes require maximum flexibility and speed, the TauWeld TWA28 laser welder becomes the perfect choice.

TauWeld TWA28 is particularly useful for welding elements in molds and equipment of large dimensions , structures and areas of machinery wherever the mobility of welding machine.

The mobile laser system is moved in a simple and comfortable way, with the locking in position by means of suitable brakes .

The big dimensions of the axes ensure very long working strokes, controlled by joystick .



  • Ergonomic and efficient design
  • The growing demand for low-cost laser welding solutions, intended to produce small batches or single pieces, has led Taumac to develop the TauWeld TWA30 system to meet the needs of individual users.
  • Small and compact, with a great speed of tooling, extremely precise to meet ever higher requirements in the mold repair sector.
  • No compromises were made, especially in terms of efficiency and comfort of use, with the use of 3 fully electric axes, extended to 4 in the presence of the motorized circular axis.
  • Numerous useful devices have been incorporated, such as the self-learning function of geometric figures (points, circles, polygons) and their processing using predefined welding parameters: this allows to considerably increase the productivity of the system.
  • A further innovation is represented by the possibility of orienting the coordinate system freely in space, allowing the user, for example, to set any inclined surface as a work surface.
  • The swivel arm extends with a fully motorized stroke up to 800 mm and rotates around its own axis.
  • The stroke of the X axis is 300 mm.
  • The laser system is capable of placing itself in height on the Z axis up to 1250 mm (maximum piece height with vertical head).
  • It is possible to rotate the optical head by +/- 90 ° and to tilt it by + 15 ° and -25 °.
  • Individual laser welding operations can be performed easily.
  • The reduced height (when closed) of only 1200 mm allows the transport of the system even inside a van.
  • The laser system is intuitively controlled via a colour touch screen.


LASER 300W 90J 0,5-20ms / 20Hz / spot 0,2-2,0mm / focusing 150mm
MOTORIZED AXIS TRAVEL X axis 300mm Y axis 800mm Z axis stroke 500mm
X axis where the welding head is mounted and can be rotated on the Y axis by +/- 90 °
X and Y axis rotatable on Z axis by +/- 90 ° and tilting by + 15 ° and -25 °
1200mm Z

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