Taumac SRL Services

Taumac can offer single and standard machines as well as customized machines to customer requests.
An important step in defining the order is the discussion of the required characteristics.
This is why the interaction with the customer is stimulated, so that he can participate in the process of personalization and he knows exactly what the machine will produce and with which performance.

The customer comes first, the guarantee of product care and fast and qualified after-sales assistance is our added value.
He is an integral part of our future.

The company was created to offer machines and automations, with a long experience staff in the sector and for the following markets:

  • jewellery
  • fashion
  • eyewear
  • dental
  • medical
  • precision mechanics
  • automotive

and follows directly:
  • the design
  • production
  • the commerce
  • installation
  • the technical assistance of automatisms, plants, machinery, mechanical, electronic, mecca-optical and software equipment.

Automatic Machines

TAUMAC automatic machines are constantly evolving, following the needs and proposals of the market, covering a wide range of sectors, from fine mechanics to jewelery, from eyewear to fashion, from medical to promotional sectors.

Easy integration

TAUMAC automations can be realized with "Pick & Place" systems, conveyor belts, rotary tables, vertical warehouses and with 6 or more axes robot systems.

All this to allow the integration in the company processes of assembly, coding, marking, welding and cutting with and without the aid of a laser source.

Laser marking and engraving

Laser marking and engraving machines in standard and tailor-made versions.

For the laser world we are able to propose the most appropriate and innovative source.

Vision systems

Vision systems for robot guide, quality control, dimensional control and automatic centering of the piece, which can be installed on laser and non-laser marking systems.

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