Remote Controller for Industry 4.0

Presentation of the Taumark Remote Controller for Industry 4.0

To facilitate the integration of the TAUMARK laser, we have prepared this simple document that can help our customers’ CRM technicians.

An essential condition for being able to develop the integration is the presence of our software called AUTOMATION .

If it is not foreseen, you can add it by asking for an offer from our sales department.

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Taumark I4 - Remote Service

Software that aims to guarantee the ModBusTCP connection with our TauMark machines.

This connection allows you to bring various information about the machine and its work cycle to the company’s backoffice PCs, as well as to check the operation of the “remote enable bit”, which allows the MES software to give consent or not when starting a working cycle.

All data to and from the machine are exchanged through some support tables of a  Microsoft SQL Server database  allowing an easy integration between management systems and machinery. The integrator or the manufacturer of the MES / management system does not have to deal with the technical aspects communication, but can focus on its core business.

The following data are reported on ModBusTCP communication and transferred to the database:

  • Machine status: in operation, stopped, warning [MACHINE -> MES]
  • Work performed counter [MACHINE -> MES]
  • Enable bit at cycle start [MES -> MACHINE]

We remind you that the use of this package does NOT allow to define the integration of the machinery as performed, as said integration must be fully communicating with the ERP / MES systems used in the company.

An example package, the Taumark Remote Controller, is provided free of charge, also in the form of a licensed source GNU GPL v3, in order to help customers (or their systems engineers or those who take care of the Industry 4.0 aspect) in the integration of our machinery with their any ERP / MES systems.

TAUMAC releases the source code of this small software, to help those who need to integrate it (and those who ask for it) to understand how to create communication with TauMark systems.

However, the GNU GPL v3 license does not allow the use of the source code of this software in closed source projects, therefore it is provided “as is”, without any guarantee of operation, nor of completeness and for illustrative purposes only.

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Application example - Taumark Remote Controller


Taumark Remote Controller reports the status of the machine in STOP


Taumark Remote Controller reports the status of the machine during WORK

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Summer Closing / Chiusura Estiva 2023

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