The W Series marking station allows automatic management for the movement of 10 up to 72 pallets: it can lift, move and load/unload on 300×300 mm trays.

The W10 model allows manual management for markings or individual processes, while the W72 model has a fully automatic work cycle.

When designing this station, Taumac paid close attention to space and ergonomics for the operator: with the loading of the pallets and the front working position, the machine can be placed against a wall.

The dimensions are contained to safeguard company spaces. The station has a large door with counterweighted and inclined opening, for convenient programming of the manual and automatic work cycle and easy positioning of the pieces on the pallets.

On these trays, using a grid, the pieces on which the various processes required by the operator will subsequently be performed are manually pre-positioned.

The detection of the elements on the tray is carried out by means of a camera: subsequently the data obtained are automatically processed and the objects marked with the laser. Once the tray has been processed, it is automatically moved to its unloading position and the system continues on to the next.



  • Pallet loading and front working position so that the machine can also be placed against the walls
  • Small dimensions to safeguard company spaces
  • Accessibility to mechanical and electrical parts in a simple way as the machine is completely paneled
  • Wide door with counterweighted and inclined opening for a pleasant programming of the work cycle
  • Sturdy construction and with painted sheet panels
  • Pallet size 300x300mm
  • Maximum height of the piece that can be positioned on the 55mm trays (for higher heights it is possible to remove a tray)
  • Maximum load of 5kg per tray (3kg for W72)
  • Integrated vision system for centering the marking on the pieces (maximum viewing area 80x60mm, 5MP resolution)
  • Live view of the workspace
  • Lighting from above or below
  • Software developed by Taumac, customizable according to needs
  • Operator interface with management of the processes also during operation
  • Customizable trays with different objects
  • Loading / unloading even during operation
  • Automatic work cycle in case of non-monitoring
  • Remote monitoring and report of work performed
  • High performance PC included in the supply


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