Choose the best laser for marking

An option for every type of application

Given the many types of lasers and materials involved, choosing the best laser for a marking application can be a challenge. Understanding the characteristics of the laser and the properties of the material is essential to make an optimal choice.

Fibra IR
20-30-50-70-100-200 W

All metalsalso for deep incisions and micro-cuts

  • removes anodizing and paints;
  • in some plastics in the MOPA(Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) version there may be a color change.
3-5-7 W
  • Glass, crystals, ceramics
  • Plastics (ABS, PVC, PC, PET, PE, PP, PBT, PA, LCP, HDPE), Silicone, and other materials
  • Galvanized parts
  • Stainless steel (blackening) and Copper
  • non-woven fabric (PP/PE)
3-5-7-10 W

Alternative to 1064nm when marking on some materials is not possible.

  • Metals(best results on precious materials), without oxidation
  • Great for plasticsand PVC pipes
  • Good on ceramics
  • Electronic components
  • Household appliances, medicalpackaging
  • Medicalequipment, precision instruments
20W - 50W - 100W

Laser marking and engraving system with picosendo source.
The PICO laser is ideal for: precise applications and processing of delicate materials.

It is very appreciated for those who need:

  • impalpable markings and without burr
  • deep and precise incisions
  • precise microcuts
10-40-60-100-250 W
  • Plastic materials in general with engravings, but without color change including Acrylic, PVC PMMA, Delrin, polystyrene, polyurethane, POM:
  • Leather, fabrics, velvets, silk;
  • Paper, cardboard;
  • Painted and/or anodized metals;
  • Wood, composite wood MDF, HDF, LDF;
  • Various cork oaks;
  • Marble, granite;
  • Glassand ceramics with sandblasting effect;
  • Plasticfoams.

Comparison table: lasers and materials

Metals Plastics Organic materials


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